Purposeful Leadership

The Purposeful Leadership Program is one of the most comprehensive leadership development programs available.  Develop the competencies you need to transform the way you lead & live in today’s world.

Program fee includes one intro-session and six training days, meals, materials, 360 Leadership Assessment, and six hours of one-on-one coaching.

(Applications open May 31, 2022 and are due by July 12, 2022)


Inclusive Leadership

This series is an interactive journey that focuses on building awareness, appreciation, action, and accountability regarding inclusion. Leaders develop a road map to successfully live, work, and lead inclusively in an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and shared experiences among leaders.

(Dates & sign-ups will be announced soon.)


Enneagram Workshop

This program familiarizes individual leaders and teams with the Enneagram System as a resource for deepening self-awareness and increasing one’s ability to better understand, relate, and work with others.

(Dates & sign-ups will be announced soon.)