The Enneagram at Work

Perfect for Teams & Individuals
What are my best opportunities for growth?
What motivates me?
How can I develop better self & other awareness?
Why does it matter?


The answers to these and many other questions are available at a Heart to Heart “The Enneagram at Work” Program. Learn to better understand your style and others’ styles of relating, communicating, resolving conflict, managing change, and leading – especially at work.
Book one of our already scheduled Enneagram at Work Workshops or reach out to bring an Enneagram Lunch-and-Learn, Workshop, or series to your workplace.

“I loved the Enneagram Workshop. This definitely helped me better understand how to work with some of my colleagues who prefer to hear information in a certain way.”

Join the growing number of local organizations (including United Way of Summit & Medina, The Akron Zoo, Full Spectrum Marketing, and more) as well as area leaders who have unlocked the wisdom of the Enneagram for their personal, professional, and organizational development.
We invite individuals and teams to join us for this unique opportunity. 
The Enneagram is an insightful, practical, and proven personality system about people – what motivates us, our unique strengths, and how we communicate, resolve conflict, and manage change. The Enneagram is a resource that deepens self and other awareness and increases one’s ability to better understand, relate, and work with others to accomplish organizational vision, mission, and goals.
  • Learn the basics of the Enneagram system for personal and professional growth.
  • Increase awareness of one’s unique type and how it impacts your specific way of viewing and responding to various life/work situations.
  • Explore on a deeper level your core talents, motives, and areas for development.
  • Better understand your own and others’ work styles, ways of relating and communicating, and dealing with conflict.
  • Identify ways to support individual/team/organizational growth and development.

“The approach was so thoughtful, and the authenticity from facilitators and participants alike was refreshing. The workshop reminded me of how critical self-awareness is as a leader and helped me tune back in to myself.”

Chris Williams, PhD

Senior Director of Leadership Development, Facilitator

Christine Williams, PhD has a PhD in higher education, an MS in guidance and counseling, and a BS in education. 

She has spent her professional career as an educator at the middle, high school, and college levels and as the National Director of the Veterans Affairs Clinical Leadership Institute. As owner of Focus Consulting Group, Chris worked as a consultant helping co-workers throughout the United States communicate with one another in constructive and productive ways. Chris facilitates the Resiliency, Enneagram, Courageous Conversations, and Mindful Leadership Programs for Heart to Heart, along with many other programs that support leaders’ learning using an inside-out approach in their personal/professional lives. In addition to developing coaching programs for several organizations.


Jeremy Lile, M.Div.

Executive Director, Facilitator

Jeremy Lile, M.Div., for over 15 years, Jeremy has facilitated and coached individuals and teams to live out their core values and to respect and appreciate the diverse strengths and perspectives that each person brings to their work and all of life.  He believes that the foundational skills that come from the inner life have the most potential to inspire people in the work they do. He currently serves as the executive director of Heart to Heart.