Our Story

Heart to Heart Leadership is a leadership development fee-for-service non-profit organization that partners with individuals and organizations to cultivate purpose-driven, values-based, community-minded leadership.

For 30+ years, our experienced team has facilitated conversations around mission, vision and purpose to inspire leaders at any career stage.

Each year, we work with individuals from around 30+ different organizations in the Greater Akron community.

Our Mission

Enriching lives by helping individuals and organizations strengthen and live their inner values.

Our Vision

A community where people find meaning and purpose and live ethical values in daily work and community life.

Our History

Rev. Norman Douglas, M.Div. and Lawrence Vuillemin, Esq., Heart to Heart Leadership (formerly Heart to Heart Communications) co-founders, crossed paths in the spring of 1986, when Larry was recovering from a life-changing stroke and Fr. Norm was looking to help individuals experience their inner core values.

People began coming together to discuss in a heart-to-heart way how to strengthen the link between their deepest beliefs/ideals and their daily activity. They eventually expanded into the not-for-profit organization called Heart to Heart Communications, Inc. facilitating workplace programs and personal enrichment experiences.

Our Programs

Heart to Heart Leadership offers various programs to enhance your leadership skills to improve the productivity in your workplace. Sign up for our Workshops:

Enneagram Workshop

Working As One

Fostering Resiliency & Well-Being

Purposeful Leadership

Emerging Leaders

Mindful Leadership

CliftonStrengths Based Team Development

Inclusive Leadership

Leadership from Within.