CliftonStrengths Based Team Development


An interactive workshop using the CliftonStrengths assessment which provides a list of participants’ top five strengths and other helpful information. The workshop through input, small and large group conversation, and experiential learning focuses upon individuals getting more in touch with their unique strengths and ways to use them well and further develop them, especially at work. It also helps teams discover ways of working better together by leveraging everyone’s CliftonStrengths to the fullest potential.


Participants will strengthen their inner and interpersonal development. They will:

  • Gain insights into why to prioritize developing their own and others’ strengths.
  • Identify their most vital strengths, establish practical ways to develop and use them more often at work and in their overall life.
  • Help others to better recognize their strengths and how best to use them.
  • Determine how they can further recognize, encourage, and leverage the strengths of themselves and coworkers in order to work together more effectively.


  • Why focus more on strengths than weaknesses.
  • What it takes to develop a strength.
  • Introduction to CliftonStrengths, a system to identify and better use each person’s strengths.
  • Focus on action steps in a person’s inner and outer life to further develop his or her strengths.
  • Reflection and insights for participants to learn to manage and minimize the impact of their own and others’ blind spots and weaknesses.
  • Planning on how to sustain a positive and purposeful, strengths-based self and organization.


Individuals will:

  • Have a greater sense of their strengths and focus more on further developing them in ways that motivate and energize them.
  • Be free of the frustration and the energy drain of trying to be someone they are not, and free of focusing mostly on weaknesses and trying to improve
  • Be able to look at their job responsibilities and identify how and where their specific strengths can best be used in order to have a better fit with their work.
  • If part of a team, recognize what specific strengths they can bring to the team, deepening their sense of contribution.
  • Be able to focus upon, encourage, and be energized by the strengths of others rather than concentrating on others’ weaknesses leading to negativity and frustration.

 Organizations will:

  • Recognize how to look for and use strengths in individuals in order to increase employees’ sense of accomplishment, feeling of being valued and utilized, thus becoming more positive and productive in what they do.
  • Be better at what strengths to focus on in job placement, orienting, developing, and evaluating employees.
  • Develop an overall strengths-based culture which can foster more vital and effective teamwork, employee engagement, strategic planning, meetings, communication patterns, and relationships with clients/customers.
  • Enhance overall employee motivation, morale, and commitment to the organization.
  • Identify individual and team strengths, opportunities, aspirations and desired results.