Heart to Heart Leadership comes alongside individuals and organizations on their leadership journey to help you look within in order to lead beyond in one of four primary ways:

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Heart to Heart Leadership Current Service Offerings

All Heart to Heart signature programs support the integration of our clients’ purpose and core values into the workplace by promoting individual and organizational awareness, appreciation, authenticity, and practical application for lasting results.

Core Programs

  • Leadership from Within Series
    This series provides an in-depth and practical guide to strengthen eight leadership capabilities, with an emphasis on personal inner growth as the foundation for effective leadership. It is based on the philosophy that we lead by virtue of who we are, and uses the best-selling book “Leadership From the Inside Out: Becoming a Leader for Life”.
  • Leading through the Enneagram
    This program familiarizes individual leaders and teams with the Enneagram System as a resource for deepening self-awareness and increasing one’s ability to better understand, relate, and work with others.
  • Mindful Leadership
    This interactive and personalized series provides a guide to integrate the practice of “mindfulness” into the practical aspects/dynamics of leadership: effective communication, decision-making, innovation, and strategic planning, as well as interpersonal challenges such as listening and working with difficult colleagues.
  • Working as One: Fundamental Conversations That Build Cooperation & Get Results
    Using the book, Working As One as a reference guide, leaders and teams will walk away with strategic considerations and concrete ideas for how to work better together using specific communication tools and techniques.
  • Leading Change
    This series actively engages teams or groups in a strategic process using an Appreciative Inquiry approach—moving people from negative/defensive problem solving to enhancing what is already good to become even better – by emphasizing creativity and possibility thinking.
  • Leading through Strengths
    This program provides leaders and teams the information and tools to recognize, encourage, and leverage the Strengths of themselves and co-workers to work together more effectively.
  • Inclusive Leadership
    This series is an interactive journey that focuses on building awareness, appreciation, action, and accountability regarding inclusion. Leaders develop a road map to successfully live, work, and lead inclusively in an environment that promotes the exchange of ideas and shared experiences among leaders.
  • And More

Workshops and Retreats – We offer “Lunch & Learns” and retreats on a variety of topics to meet your leadership development needs.

Mindful Zoo Mindful You is a joint (Ad)venture between the Akron Zoo and Heart to Heart Communications that integrates leadership, mindfulness, and all the zoo has to offer into a unique one-day learning experience.

Living and Leading a Resilient Life – Resiliency is defined as the human ability to adapt in the face of ongoing life challenges and significant stressors. This interactive and personalized program offers a guide to enhance, support, and integrate resiliency into one’s everyday life.

Other Topics for lunch and learns or retreats:

Values-Based Leadership

Work/Life Harmony

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Purpose Driven Leadership

Mindfulness at Work

Developing an Appreciative Mindset for Personal & Organizational Growth

Working as One—7 Conversations that Build Cooperation & Get Results

Mastering Effective Communication in the Workplace

Change Mastery


Using the 360 Leadership Circle Profile (LCP), Heart to Heart offers a coaching experience designed to meet each leader’s unique developmental goals. Our certified and experienced coaches guide leaders through a one-on-one 6-hour dynamic process (six 1-hr sessions) of self discovery, increased appreciation of one’s gifts, and guidance on specific ways to foster continued growth that can positively and practically impact your leadership effectiveness.


Using an appreciative framework, we listen, we ask questions, and we offer the knowledge, tools, resources, and facilitation for making the difference you want to see in your workplace. From initial engagement to assess individual/organizational needs to program/process evaluation following the delivery of the product or service, we partner with you every step of the way.

Key benefits of Heart to Heart Leadership Services:

  • Boost employee engagement within your organization
  • Increase your employee’s self worth and understanding of their own personal purpose within the organization
  • Expand your individual employee’s awareness of their unique gifts and how to leverage them within the organization
  • Understand how and what it means to be a leader within your organization
  • Increase overall productivity and efficiency
  • Help navigate organizational change
  • Employee alignment toward’s your organization’s mission and vision
  • 3rd party facilitation
  • Can act as a “plug in” service to your organization’s Human Resources Department (if your organization has one) on the leadership journey

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