Heart to Heart Leadership offers a variety of leadership development programming led by a facilitator to individuals all around the Akron community. Workshops and series are offered to those looking to deepen their work and personal leadership skills.

Series are extended programs that take place over multiple dates open to everyone throughout the community.

Workshops are interactive, one-day programs open to everyone throughout the community.

Please note that workshops and series are offered at differing points throughout the year. Check back for updates on our current individual offerings or sign up for our emails to stay up to date.

Heart to Heart Leadership’s History with Individuals

Heart to Heart has been a key provider of leadership development in the Akron community for 30 years.

During any given month, we come in contact with individuals from over 50 different organizations in the area.

Key benefits of Heart to Heart Leadership Services:

  • An opportunity for leadership training at an affordable rate

  • Awareness and appreciation of own unique gifts to use to positively impact personal and professional life

  • New ways of thinking accompanied by practical tools to implement into your leadership

  • Peer to peer open dialogue and networking

  • Creates the habit of leadership through continued practice and guidance

  • Opportunities to grow personally and professionally

  • Interactivity within sessions

The Inclusive Leadership program was a valuable experience in leadership for me as it fostered a deeper level of personal reflection within my life and leadership.  The theme of ‘baking inclusion in’ as opposed to ‘sprinkling on top’ has been reinforced within my own organizational leadership.Like most things of value, the Inclusive Leadership program is as valuable as you make it the engagement within the readings and the pursued relationships with classmates develops this program from good to great.

- Joe Tuckers on the Inclusive Leadership Series

Executive Director, South Street Ministries

What an amazing day at the Akron Zoo!  I needed to reset and look at how present I am at work, in day-to-day interactions, while working on projects.  The truth is, I was being hijacked by anticipating future events and worrying about everyone else.  I was functioning in ‘partial attention’ and failing to give things my full attention that they deserve, including myself.  We can learn so much from the natural world, the training let me know it is OK to pause, focus on the immediate and enjoy present moments.

- Joan Davidson on the Mindful Zoo Mindful You Workshop

Community Relations Manager, Akron Metropolitan Housing Authority