A Tapestry

A tapestry tells a story—of the people who made it and the people it was made for.  

This tapestry represents the gifts that nearly 600 community leaders offered to the Greater Akron community at Heart to Heart Leadership’s 30th Annual Breakfast (May 1, 2023).  

Each leader chose a gift they wanted to share with the community and wrote it on a strip of fabric that was then woven into this final piece by local artist Marissa McClellan of Sabertooth Public Art.  

Some examples of the gifts written on these strips are compassion, kindness, empathy, passion, and listening. You can view all the gifts offered below.

When we honor and use our gifts to co-create with others for the good of all, we make our world a better place. Often, it takes sacrifice, courage, and grit to do this work but we believe that just like this tapestry, the unity that results from coming together and offering ourselves is bigger and more beautiful than the individual pieces could ever be alone.

Almost 600 people gathered for Heart to Heart Leadership’s 30th Annual Breakfast to hear from inspiring local leaders William Considine, Bernett L. Williams, & Jim Mullen

Pieces of fabric were tied and placed on the tables for almost 600 local leaders to write the gift they chose to share.

Local artist, Marissa McClellan, had this beautiful frame built and began weaving the strips together.

Each gift became a part of something greater as the tapestry began to take shape.

Come view the Lead Beyond Together Tapestry now on display at the Akron Canton Airport.