Akron, OH: Heart to Heart Communications was recently awarded $37,000 from the Knight Foundation to hold two sessions of Better Akron Fellows in the spring and fall of 2020, and to provide funding for the development of Heart to Heart’s new comprehensive leadership program based on The Heart to Heart Way: Awareness, Appreciation, Authenticity and Application.

Heart to Heart Communications is a nonprofit organization serving Greater Akron through personalized consultation, facilitation and coaching to develop the inner life of individuals and organizations–inspiring them toward higher levels of leadership, communication, healthy relationships, mindfulness, and the ability to manage change.

The award from the Knight Foundation will be used to develop a systemic, best practice program for leadership development to a diverse group of leaders within the Greater Akron community that focuses on an inside-out approach using the Heart to Heart Way—where leaders have the insights and practical skills to lead with awareness, appreciation, and authenticity and can practically apply this knowledge personally, as well as in their workplaces and communities.

“We are grateful to receive this funding from the Knight Foundation to implement two more sessions of Better Akron Fellows and to help us reach more leaders in the Greater Akron community,” said Jeremy Lile, Heart to Heart Communication’s Executive Director.  

Learn more about Heart to Heart Communications’ programs and services by visiting our website at www.h2hc.org or emailing us at info@h2hc.org

About Heart to Heart Communications:

Founded in Akron to serve the Greater Akron community, Heart to Heart Communications began in 1990 by bringing together leaders from Greater Akron businesses and nonprofits to talk about not just what they were doing at work, but why and how they were doing it with purpose, integrity, and spirit. Since 1990, more than 33,000 people have participated in our workshops, trainings, and community programs. Our extensive experience proves that business solutions are not expressed only in dollars and cents or management tactics, but in heart-to-heart communications.

 Our unique curriculum is grounded in the belief that there is a strong connection between employee inner and interpersonal development and the vitality and success of every organization. Our programs include: H. Peter Burg Leadership from Within, The Enneagram at Work, Mindful Leadership, Inclusive Leadership, Strengths Training, Working as One, and Living and Leading a Resilient Life.

Heart to Heart is located at 37 N High St Suite B, Akron OH 44308.

You can learn more by visiting our website at www.h2hc.org