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Mindful Zoo Mindful You for Educators

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April 21
8:00 am - 3:00 pm


Akron Zoo
505 Euclid Ave
Akron, Ohio 44307 United States


Heart to Heart Leadership

Healthy Teachers promote healthy classrooms! Take a day just for you to discover firsthand what animals and nature can teach us as educators. When educators attend to their own health and well-being, research shows that students also enjoy similar benefits. Mindful Zoo Mindful You provides tools and practical skills to support you in developing self-care habits and mindfulness skills while understanding the science behind why it works and makes a difference in your classroom.

Mindful Zoo Mindful You is a joint (Ed)venture between the Akron Zoo and Heart to Heart Leadership that integrates mindfulness, self-care, and all the zoo has to offer into a unique one-day learning experience.

Women pets large snake being held by Akron Zoo Employee

Program Date:

Thursday, April 21, 2022 8:00 AM- 3:00 PM

Program Location:

Akron Zoo 505 Euclid Ave Akron, Ohio 44307

Registration Closes:

At 25 participants or April 11, 2022

Program Fee:

$150- fee includes lunch

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Mindful educators exhibit high levels of self-awareness and intentionality in their actions. Research suggests that there is a direct correlation between educator self-care and the well-being and performance of their learners.

Research also indicates that a more mindful presence helps you manage yourself so that you get the most from your job and bring the most to it.

This highly interactive program will help educators:

– Develop a mindful presence as to the importance of self-care strategies and how that promotes ongoing resiliency in one’s personal and professional life.

– Gain skills to more effectively regulate mental and emotional states to become more self-aware, focused, and compassionate with ourselves and others.

– Gain an understanding of how practicing mindfulness raises and influences one’s awareness and actions regarding implicit bias.

– Identify simple techniques to foster self-care that can readily be incorporated into you and your learners’ daily lives.

Find Out What Past Participants Gained From the Workshop:

The program reminded me of the importance of being present and the tools I have to accomplish that.





I am glad to have participated in this program. It was very well done! I would recommend it to others. I’ve learned some applicable strategies that are helpful both personally and professionally.


I’ve never stopped to think about how others perceive my leadership abilities based on my presence until this. Hearing others share their thoughts and suggestions on how to handle situations were the most valuable parts of the program.